The Lab is equipped with various models’ different type of apparatus testing materials.

Laboratory is well equipped and satisfied the norms of PCI.


1.Machine Room:

Our machine room is equipped with instruments and machinery used in manufacturing of tablets, capsules, injectables, liquid orals and ointment sections.

2.Instrumentation room:

Our college has well equipped instrumentation room with various sophisticated instruments like UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, polarimeter, etc. This laboratory provides window for aspiring pharmacist to be the best platform.

3.Pharmaceutics laboratory:

Pharmaceutics is the discipline of pharmacy that deals with the practical aspects of manufacturing, formulation and evaluation of various pharmaceutical products. We have well spacious and equipped pharmaceutics lab in our college.

4.Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab:

This is a multi-disciplinary field of study that utilizes synthetic organic chemistry in conjunction with developments in biochemistry, computational chemistry, molecular biology, and pharmacology to advance drug discovery. We have well equipped and spacious chemistry lab for the students.

5.Pharmacognosy lab

Pharmacognosy is a specific discipline that deals with the rapid developments in the knowledge and utilization of medicinal substances of biological origin (plant, microorganism and animal products) used for human and veterinary purposes. The laboratory has various instruments like Soxhlet apparatus, Laminar Air Flow, Digital Balance, Calorimeter, UV cabinet. We have well equipped cognosy lab in our college.

6.Human anatomy and physiology lab:

In this laboratory students can learn human clinical anatomy through the dissection of human cadavers

7.Pharmaceutical Analysis

Pharmaceutical analysis serves a variety of purposes. It is often used to identify the chemical composition and molecular structure of each individual substance contained in a medication. This knowledge provides insight into a drug's performance and safety considerations. We have well spacious pharmaceutical analysis lab.

8.Pharmacy practice lab

The Pharmacy Practice Lab is used by students to practice and master their drug compounding and preparation skills in various dosage forms, including the injectables before entering the workforce. The Laboratory consists of various equipments, use to practice for the study of various diseases and conditions.